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Virgin Stories 07

Welcome, we have one of the hottest issues yet in store for you horny pornhounds. We have a bevy of fresh young girls that will leave your cocks harder than tempered steel. Scene one has cover girl Jayne confessing her virgin story to you. She explains how her boyfriend's father seduced her by taking full advantage of her youth and innocence. The next scene tells a story of a a young lady's desire to become a woman. Her pent up desires become reality as she fulfills her needs with her boyfriend. Scene Three has fresh Kaylynn telling about her virgin experience with a plumber that was sent to her dorm to fix her toilet. He apparently took full advantage of an awkward situation. Our final scene actually tells you guys about a girl who waited till her wedding night. Cherry Chase tells of her first sexual experience with her husband. What a concept to wait until your married to have sex! All-in-all another hot issue under our belts. the girls themselves are not truly virgins but their stories are. They relive their virgin experiences for you, the viewer.

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  • Sep 23, 1999
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