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Virgin Stories 08

Welcome to another blazing hot issue that will leave your cock hard enough to lay it on an anvil and bludgeon it with a sledgehammer and break the sledge. Scene one has the steaming Blair Segal tell of her naughty first-time experience with a stablehand who smells the ripeness of her. He takes the sweet maidenhead with more enthusiasm than a miser counting his dollars. Scene two has the steamy newcummer Summer fantasizing about a college study partner. Will they come true or not? The next scene has Chandra Vega telling you how her tennis coach took advantage of her. Busting her cherry with a lot of enthusiasm is Dave Hardmam. He loves playing villainous coaches! The final scene has the eighteen year-old sensation Jodi Roxxx celebrating her eighteenth birthday. Her boyfriend has plans of celebrating in different ways. He wants to give her the gift of womanhood. All-in-all, another hot issue with girls who are, themselves, not truly virgins, but their stories are! They relive their virgin experiences for you, the viewer!

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  • Nov 19, 1999
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