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What Do I Get With My Order?
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What Do I Get With My Order?
All orders include Video, 2257 (If avalible and compliant) and matching images (if avalible) Scenes and Titles will show if 2257 compliant and if include images.


How Long Will My Order Take?
All orders are encoded on the fly. All can be downloaded instantly after they are encoded. Encoding times vary depending your output souce. Exable 50 HD titles with 4 scenes each encoded at 4000kbps takes about 12hrs to encode them all so thats about 15min per title.
Instand Download - These are titles/scenes that are ready to go. They can take 15-30+ minuntues depending on the encoding spects you pick at checkout.
Delayed Download - These are titles/scene that are not 100% prepped. These normally are ready withing a few hrs but no more than 1 day.

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