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Ripped Orders 2 soldiers on Latrine Duty to get on Their hands And knees to scrub shower stalls. Both guys get pissed And shove GIORGIO into several Assuming positions And eat every part of his body. 3 Youthful soldiers share their enormous uncut Ram rods in a clinie... Just the right medicine! AIRBORNE contains Young Hung And Full-of-Cum guys, Sizzling sex And double penetration. AIRBORNE in this movie are the cum shots. 2 MP's catch Slacking off on the job in the back of an airplane shell. Immediately they each give Manzel something To work on! 2 Troops guarding a bunk room enter the barracks for a sudden inspection. 7 Guys in Their underwear wake up, pair up ride each other to the hilt.

Content Info:

Date of Production: 04/22/2002

Type of Delivery: Instant Download

Quality: SD

2257: Compliant


Main Genre: Gay


Studio: Pacific Entertainment

Sub Studio: Pacific Sun

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Internet Encoded or Source No Worldwide Perpetuity $79.99 Available